Who Are We?

At Course Reviews we offer in depth reviews that help you with buying. Each of our reviews covers up to 3 courses within a particular category. Each of the courses we review is individually picked and are among the best in their category. Our reviews go further and in each category we choose one to be our recommendation

How we review

For each of our courses we look at the range of features and functions that they have to offer. We consider the price that you will pay and whether it is value for money. We include the plus points and the drawbacks and finally we provide our overall opinion.

About Course Reviews

We are of course not the only review site, there are many. However we believe that are in depth reviews, offer you a great guide when choosing those courses that you want to buy.All of our reviews are thoroughly presented, easy to read and follow. If you want us to review an item that you sell, then we would be happy to do so. Just get in touch on our contact page

Why we doing this

Well simply put, if you decide to go ahead and purchase an item from one of our affiliate links then we will get a small % of the money you pay. Don’t worry, you won’t pay anymore from the course, the money that we make will come from the course provider.

We hope you enjoy the reviews, and we aim to have a new one at least once a week.

Enjoy your stay!